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Sergeevka - Black Sea climatic-balneo-mud health resort which is included in a zone of the Odessa health resorts (Ukraine). For the resort one of the most important features is his geographical climatic and demographic position. The resort is on steep slopes on the coast of Shabolat estuary divided sandy slanting - beach with Black sea, in 21 kms from the city of Belgorod - Dnestrovskiy and in 86 kms to the south-west from the city of Odessa.
    In radius of 60 kms around of the resort are absent large industrial enterprises, wich may influence the ecology, that is why Sergeevka is a non-polluting zone.
  The physical-georaphical position of Sergeevka climate conditions and natural medicinal factors such as silty mud lagoon, sea beach with fine sand, clear, little humid air containing negative airoions and sea salts, remoteness from big industrial centers created exceptional conditions to organize the climatic belnemudtherapeutic sanatorium.
  Besides region is famous with its ambudance of fruits, vegetables, grapes and fragrant high-quality wines Shabo and Bazarjani manufactures. All these factors promote development of the improving industry on a resort.
  Duration of a warm season from April till October. Amount of sunny days on the resort is more than 290 in a year or 2030 sundial.


  The sea in Sergeevka is delightful.  The blue sky, the glim-mering waves in the sun, the tender breezes, nice golden sand - could captivate any person. The Sergeevka beach - is a wonderful possibility for curative application of the air, helio and talaso therapy.
  The nicest places for walks are consituted by the resort and the bridge over the liman.
  Combining  harmoniously the landscape, the pacific flux of the sea waves and the bright colors of the flowers, the vegetation of the arbors is always inviting you to pleasant walks.

resort Sergeevka - Black Sea


  In sanatoriums of the resort are successfully treated diseases of the bone-impellent device, of the central and peripheral nervous system, bodies of breath and digestion, gynecologic and urological inflammatory diseases, improvement and treatment of children and the teenagers living in territory of Ukraine with the raised radiating level, and also reabilitation of participants of liquidation of consequences of failure on Chernobyl Atomic Station. For treatment of the specified structures of diseases, alongside with mud cure, wide application have easture water for treatment by baths, and also sea bathings and bathings in estuary. The chemical compound of these waters is identical. In easture water, as well as in sea, 79 elements which are in a condition of ions contain. Basic elements: chlorine, bromine, iodine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and also sulfates and carbonates. Except them in sea and easture water there are lots of such microcells as gold, silver and others. Also biologically similar substances: harmon -and-vitamine - like. The constancy of parities of the elements in sea and easture water is their important feature. In it the recreational value of waters of Black sea most valuable to a resort and estuary of Shabolat for using of its curative forces.


  On the resort the infrastructure is widely advanced: sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, cottages, shops, the markets, bars, restaurants, discos, cinema halls, stadiums, tennis courts, athletic fields, yacht - club, autostation, mail, phone, telegraph, the Internet.
  Mobil zone: UMC, KievStar GSM, DCC, InterTelekom CDMA

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Besides, you've got a splandid opportunity to taste FISH-SOUP ON BLACK SEA, to go fishing, to go for sashlik, taste Bessarabian Wines and to visit different excursions

Hotel Plai

  Friendly atmosphere, perfect food, football fields of europian standart, sauna, training halls would give you an opportunity to have an active rest.
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 Friendly atmosphere, variety of different events and shows would not leave anyone indifferent! Sanatorium became so caled creative base for holding different festivals Sergeevskie Zori (Sergeevka's Afterglows)
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Modern sanatorium with its treating base.
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Sun Beach

Resort Sergeevka - Church project

 What are the differences between Sergeevka and the same resorts?

Population: 9000 of sitizens
Area: 632 Ga


Сергеевка - курорт на Черном море. Солнечный Берег.

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