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What are the main differences between Sergeevka and other resorts


Sunrise at Black Sea (resort Sergeevka) Choosing a resort, frequently there is a question - which of them is better, where is it possible to have a better rest, where to have more impressions, where to receive the qualified medical aid, and where simply to have a rest from daily vanity? Certainly, one of the most important factors is also the price of the permit. One remains constant - choosing resorts of Crimea you already overpay only that there go everybody (or nearly everybody). But who has told, that this is the best variant?

 Let's try to understand, what can offer resort Sergeevka better than the similar resorts of Crimea. So...

Black Sea - one and the same that in Sergeevka and in Crimea. But beaches! Have a look at the difference in beaches! If in Crimea basically beaches are of stones with dirty water area -in Sergeevka are gold sandy beaches with a perfect sand on which it is pleasant not only to stand, but also to lie down (and by the way, to accept sand baths that is not unimportant for treatment). Not without reason V.P.Kataev in his stories wrote: " From Carolino Bugaz up to Danube on hundred versts a perfect beach was stretched.". And it is true, where you still can take pleasure in such sand? And the sea is much cleaner, as here do not go sea courts. By the way, In Sergeevka there are bare - beaches, on which nobody will prevent you.

Quantity of sunny days - by the official scientific data it makes 2030 hours. For Crimea this number - 2200 (again by official scientific sources) - is not much more.

Natural Factors - Sergeevka have unique on a chemical compound medical dirties and mineral waters in itself . From the history - The first mud baths in Sergeevka has appeared in 1895.

Historical places - Certainly, Crimea is original place and there are a lot of interesting places to look at, there is no need to argue . However, choosing resort Sergeevka, you choose even more ancient place, than Crimea - a place of the Greek trailblazers. In immediate proximity from a resort there is one of the most ancient cities of the world - city of the Tira (Akkerman, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy) - officially it is already over 2500, but the local resident does not trust this - this grateful territorywas occupied much earlier... By the way, here there is the biggest medieval fortress of Ukraine.

Pleasure actions - Every year lots of creative collectives, which have here their rest and act for turists, pay their attention to Sergeevka. Resort Association " Solnechniy Bereg " offers turists various actions, holidays, festivals.

Prices - In general, there is nothing to speak about. At the same service - it's much cheaper here.

Well, now it's your turn to choose. But on arriving to Sergeevka once, you will return here again.

Population: 10000 of sitizens
Area: 632 Ga among: beach 52 Ga greenery zone 112 Ga.

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