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  Resort Sergeevka is located in Ukraine, Odessa region.
  Resort Sergeevka is located in Sasik-Budakskiy eastury area, on flat northern coast of Shabolatskiy eastury towering above sea level from east side about 3-4 meters, from western about 10-12 meters. The height of coast opposite to a resort makes from 6 up to 12 m.
  The area of territory of a resort makes 632 Ga from which 72 Ga are occupied with a greenery zone, and 632 Ga adjoining water area of estuary with sandy slanting, occupying the area of 52 Ga. The width of estuary in area of a resort makes 1300-2700 m., the length of estuary makes 16.7 kms, depth of 0.5-2 m. The sea beach located on sandy beach width of which is 130-150 m, and is connected with the resort with the help of beautiful concrete bridge (length is 1 kms).
  Resort Sergeevka dirt-and-climate-treating.
  Climate of the resort is caused by the estuary of Shabolat and by the sea in the south, greenery zone of Sergeevka and steppe areas spaces to the north from it. Three kilometers to the east from Sergeevka (on the beach) the climate is caused by the estuary of Dnestrovskiy running into Black Sea in area of Zatoka resort .
On the geographical map of Ukraine, where resort Sergeevka for the first time in 1972 has been brought on, it presents an island-oasis among steppe and water space.

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Distance from Odessa - 86 km.

Distance from Kishinev - 220 km.

resort Sergeevka - Hotel PLAI

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