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     According to the climatic characteristic of resort Sergeevka enters into a zone of the Odessa resorts prominent feature of which is dry, pure air, in summertime freshened by an easy breeze from the sea. Duration of a warm season is from April till October. Abundance of sunny days - more than 290 in a year or 2030 sundial.
Rather small overcast. Annual amount of deposits - up to 450 mm. The greatest number of days with deposits falls at the winter period. The maximal number of clear days is in August - September, minimal - in February and December, the greatest overcast is observed in November - December, the least is in July - August. Mid-annual temperature on a resort +10 °С. Summer is rather warm, daily average temperature of the air is 22°С also hot days when the column of the thermometer rises up to +36 - +41°С, however, are frequent. The minimal temperature of the air falls in January. Sometimes she goes down to-21°С.
Barometric pressure in summertime changes within the limits of 752-762 mm. Relative humidity of air during the warm period is within the limits of 50-70 % that corresponds to a zone of comfort.
Winter is soft - daily average temperature, air +3°С with an unstable snow cover, often thawing weather, it is weak also moderately frosty weather. For this period fogs are characteristic. Average relative humidity during cold time makes 80-88 %. Atmospheric pressure does not exceed 760 mm. The flat lay of land promotes penetration of a cold air weights from the north, warm and damp air from the south from the Mediterranean pool and from the West - air weights from Atlantic. However, strong winds on a resort are very rare. Average speed of movement of air 4,5 m/sec.

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   More than 290 sunny days a year!

  Temperature of water in summer about +28!

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