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   History of mankind - the passionless witness of events. But relentless time hides from eyes of descendants of an affair of their ancestors. Fortunately, written sources (one of the forms of display of a history), created in certain times and reached up to descendants, help them to illuminate the present and to think of the future.
The beginning of studying of Budakskiy lake (estuary of Shabolat) - a source of the basic medical factors of a resort, was necessary at the end of XIX century members of the Odessa scientific organization of the culture. In 1887 A.A.Verigo for the first time has defined physical and chemical properties of dirties of the estuary.
The first mention about Shabolat-Sergeevka, which totaled 15 court yard of parishioners, concerns to 1889. The natural boundary Shabolat-Sergeevka has been located in a southeast part of present territory of a resort, in area of a part-time farm and boiler-house, and reached up to the territory of children's improving camp "Medic-1". 40 families, 109 male persons lived in it. The first mud baths on the coast of the estuary of Shabolatskiy (Budakskiy lake) has been constructed in village Budaki (nowadays Seaside) in 1895.
In 1904 in a political survey of chief Bessarabskogo provincial general - major Chernolusky informs managements, that in accounting year the extreme drought accompanying with hot and long winds in May, June, July and during half of August in Bessarabia caused almost universal and oustanding poor harvest of bread, grapes, garden vegetables, especially all fodder herbs. In three southern districts: Bendery, Akkerman and Izmail literally was born nothing. Duly delivery of the loan is required.
In documents of 1906, 1907, 1908 of Akkerman district fovernment and assemblies at distribution of district to areas in which companies of Akkerman cash departments of the fine credit can be open, under a serial number 5, the area Shabo into which enter natural boundary Shabolat, natural boundary Akimbet and natural boundary New Sergeevka is underlined. In the contrary to the village Sergeevka based in 1816 (according to given document) and at number{room} 6, included in area the Division together with village Kibabcha sat.
In 1915 on next district assembly (the report № 843, the report № 886) the petition " About a recognition behind medical places of Budaki and settlement of Shabo with natural boundary Akimbet and natural boundary New Sergeevka public value " was accepted. A separate mention about New Sergeevka as about a medical place, in this document no, owing to its{her} ocurrence in region of village Shabo. The natural boundary of New Sergeevka and in the report for 1917 by operations of Akkerman district cash departments, about the fine credit is not mentioned.
In August, 1918 R.R.Virzhikovskiy has established the fact drying of lakes, the reason was the bulk dam which has separated estuary of Dnestrovskiy from Shabolat at a lining of the railway of Akkerman-Odessa in 1916. The level of lake appeared on 27 sm below a sea level, that further has served to creation of the bird's islands in a gulf of Shabolat. In August, 1918 E.S.Burksner's secondary researches of mud on its radio-activity and a chemical compound have shown, that concentration of salts in estuary is higher than in the sea (28,08 - 28,60 g/l) at the saved parameters of a radio-activity (0,38).
    In 1921 landowner of Akkimbet - Akulich builds in New Sergeevka, having by then about 40 country houses, a seasonal mud baths, it was the beginning of the development of housing estate of Sergeevka, as a resort. In 1924 on the western coast Shabolatskiy estuary 2 more small mud baths, one of which on a place of a present mud baths of sanatorium "Sanatatya" are under construction.
In 1926 on northeast coast of Shabolatskiy estuary resort "Akimbet" with a mud baths and brick hotel started working. (During war of 1941-1945 the building has been destroyed completely).
Operation of the resort of Sergssvka and Akimbet" was lead by Anonymous society of Akimbet ", taking place in a village of Shaba -Tirg .
  Since 1925 the local resort and tourist department of the resort of Sergeevka, which are taking place in management the firm which since 1936 carries the name " Local management on treatment and tourism of resort of Sergeevka". Chairman round of a bureau was Harlan Verdish.
   In 1934 the resort have been visited by 1200 persons. Then, in connection with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1934 the order about branch of resort Sergeevka - Shabolat from Shabo - Kogonja creation of new village with the name " Resort Sergeevka " which began to exist in such kind since April, 23, 1935 is brought.
In 1933 at the resort is created Primaria of Sergeevka which for development of a resort asks the monetary help from a reserve of Funds for villages. The first primar of the resort was Illarion Verdish, clerk Nikolay Deribazoglo.
The quantity of country houses in 1935 was estimated already in figure of 106. The accomplishment of a resort was necessary. And in May, of 1935 in the resort Sergeevka the unique power station in area of Shabo is established. However resort in 1935 have been attended only by 711 person provided that he could serve 1500 person in a season. The season proceeded from June, 1 till September, 1.
  On June, 22, 1935 Illarion Verdish in his letter, addressed to Minister of Agriculture on behalf of commune of Primaria of Sergeevka informs, that " in spite of the fact that Sergeevka is recognized as an independent resort and conducts the beginning since 1922, it is in a rather bad state owing to ruthlessness of time and owing to those the requirement with which it is necessary to satisfy. One of the biggest needs is a construction of the bridge through the estuary for connection with a sea beach. Construction of this bridge will promote prosperity of the resort. Will improve an economic status which has tens thousand incomes of visitors to the resort. Clear that the state and area will have incomes from this rich place. Also this bridge will bring big incomes PARID from the point of view of the control of fishing control authirities and transportations of fish into the resort. This bridge demands big funds which recreated poor resort had not had. We have received some help from separate central departments and prefectures of district of Akkerman and we hope, that this question will be positively solved. By estimation of technical service of area 1479 m. a cube is required. Oak and other wood ".
The same year is raised the question about construction of the road t the resort. In the certificate after rendering assistance in construction of the road to the city the technical service of roads of the district of Akkerman has made total price list in 100 thousands of leu.
  In connection with absence of permanent residents of Primaria of the resort of Sergeevka in 1936г. has moved in Chetatya Albe. Since 1937 to 1939 it was in a village of Shabo.
  In 1937 the annual budget of a resort has made 709517 leu, the charge was same. The enterprises and establishments on the resort were abcent.
  The area of the resort made 300 Ga, among them 250 га afforestations and so forth (cost of 1 Ga the grounds made 12 thousand leu) are counted under constructions and 56 Ga on use under roads. In 1935 under afforestations waere 3 Ga, in 1936 2 more Ga
  In 1937 the quantity of visited the resort has made 717 person and in 1938 - 752 persons.
During a season on the resort there were doctors of different specialities, but since 1934 by 1940 the constant doctor of hospital on the control over treatment was Aron Shvartsman from Akkerman city. Cost of one mud bath in 1938 made 85 leu. The dirty was warmed up on fires in boilers. Indications to treatment were chronic rheumatism, diseases of respiratory system, a tuberculosis of bones, overfatigue, etc.
Territorially, despite of independence of a management of the resort, Sergeevka still entered the area of village Shabo.
  On June 28, 1940. Bessarabia has been attached to Ukraine. Northern part of Bessarabia from a confluence of Dnestr of estuary of Dnestrovskiy was part of formed Moldavian SSR, and southern, between estuary Dnestrovskiy and Danube River, part of Ukraine as Izmail area, which has existed till 1956 Resort Sergeevka appeared on the territory of Ukraine. In view of absence of seaside health resorts in Moldavian SSR, resort Sergeevka has been solved to pass formed Moldavian SSR. The document from December 18, 1940 signed by vice-president of Sovnarkom of USSR Rosalii Semlyachki says: " Sovnarkom of USSR does not object transfering of Sovnarkom of USSR in conducting of government of MSSR of the resort of Sergeevka and Akimbet of Izmail area of USSR". The document was addressed to Sovnarkom of USSR, Konijtsu L.R., Sovnarkom of USSR Konstantinov T.A..
  The war started by fascist Germany in June 22, 1941 not only has suspended development of the resort, but also has destroyed it.
  In August 25, 1944 special groups of 46-th Army of the Third Ukrainian front under commanding of general - lieutenant Baldjan А. has exempted resort pf Sergeevka.
In the exempted resort from 118 country houses escaped remained only 28. The casino and restaurants have been destroyed. In restoration of the resort up to the end of war were not engaged.
On a place of the staying largest country houses, namely cases № 22 and cases № 24 (called so in the post-war period) in 1945 have been organized mud seasonal sanatorium for children and workers of the Odessa-Kishinev railway. It personified all resort of Sergeevka. Has been designed for 50 places in arrival.
  1945-1946 were for the resort the period of the beginning of revival in conditions of ruin, a social impoverishment. However, already at this time repair work of residential buildings are made, medical divisions are organized, the economic base of a resort is created. The mud baths worked, only during the warm period of a year.
Despite of a hard time, the resort of Sergeevka starts to involve in itself the various organizations of republic of Moldova. So, in April, 1947 transfer of six cases of a Central Committee to Union Medsantrud of Moldova for creation of conditions of improvement more the broad audience of children and adults of republic has been made. And in June, 1947 the resort accepts already 150 children in children's sanatorium. In the transferred central Committees of Union Medsantrud of Moldova the children's improving camp is organized.
  Since November, 1947 the order of Ministry of Health of USSR on a post of director of the resort appoints the deserved doctor Moldavian SSR Trajan Anton Grigorjevich. With a view of improvement of medical work on the resort of Sergeevka, it charges to the assistant to start by a medical part equipment of medical branches and cabinet LFK the modern equipment. Managing therapeutic and gynecologic branches to strengthen the control over conducting patients, correct diagnostics and purposes, to use objective diagnostic methods of inspection more widely: laboratory and functional diagnostics.
In November, 1948 children's bone-tubercular sanatorium "Pepeny" is transfered on the territory of the resort of Sergeevka. 37 children who have arrived on a resort, became the first patients of independent bone-tubercular children's sanatorium led by head physician Pankratovoj N.M. and the employees subordinated to it.
In February, 1949 the children's bone-tubercular sanatorium has been given under the leading of the head doctor of the resort of Sergeevka, Trajana A.G.
  In July, 1950 in the report to Minister of Health of MSSR Suharev M. and to the chief of a scheduled - financial department Shendman A.P. it has been informed, that on the resort of Sergeevka 3 sanatoriums with the separate budget are organized: seasonal sanatorium for adults on 100 places, seasonal sanatorium for children on 150 places and children's bone-tubercular sanatorium on 120 places.
Since January, 1951 the bone-tubercular sanatorium for adults opens and in the whole sanatorium merge in bone-tubercular sanatorium of resort Sergeevka, all-the-year-round operating with branches for children and adults.
  Seasonal balneological sanatoriums for children and adults have merged in so-called specialized mud sanatorium.
In March, 1952 total inventory of a park zone of the resort with creation of its map is carried out. New sites of green plantings to which much attention is given as an integral part of microclimatic conditions are annually created.
  Since 1951 in the resort complex treatment of patients by a bone - tuberculosis, which included operative, conservative (antibacterial preparations) and rehabilitation takes root: mud treating, medical massage, and LFK. So, per 1952 in the resort for a year 39 operations concerning a tuberculosis of bones and joints have been lead. The first surgeons were Trajan Anton Grigorjevich and Medvetsky Alexander Ivanovich. Since January, 1954 surgical service KTS was headed by talented expert Lisogorskij I.I.
In 1954 the order of Ministry of Health of MSR on head doctor Trajana A.G. assigns duties of the common management by sanatoriums of the resort which he executed till his last day on February 11, 1957.
In 1956 there was an administrative-territorial reorganization in Ukraine. Izmail area is liquidated also territory of the resort of Sergeevka passes from area of Izmail Liman area to Belgorod - Dnestrovskiy district of the Odessa region.
  Since March, 1953 the Decision of Council of Ministers of USSR according to which Council of Ministers of MSSR is obliged to transfer the resort of Sergeevka and sanatorium in Odessa to Ministry of Health of Ukrainian SSR leaves. In this connection Council of Ministers of MSSR informs the first vice-president of Council of Ministers of the USSR Mikojan A.I., that transfer of resort of Sergeevka and a health resort in Odessa minsdrav of UOOP will deprive with an opportunity the Moldavian republic to apply mud and climatic treatment of sick children with a tuberculosis and with the residual phenomena of a poliomyelitis.
  Therefore "Council of Ministers of MSSR asks by an example of Belarus SSR to save for Moldavian SSR builded sanatorium in Odessa for service of a party and Soviet active of republic, and also sanatorium of the resort of Sergeevka for treatment of children with tuberculosis and had been ill with a poliomyelitis. Chairman of SM of MSSR Rud ".
  As a result the document, according to which under the instruction of the vice-president of Council of Ministers of the USSR has appeared. Mikojan A.I. to Minister of Health of Ukraine V.Bratus about the termination of transfering of sanatorium and rest houses of the resort Serggevka and builded sanatorium in Odessa. To the Odessa territorial Management and their preservation for Moldavian SSR.

     In 1959 mineral potable water (a chink type №2, " Kuyalnik №4 ") is found out. After F.P.Ambrosom's experimental researches (Kishinev medical institute) it has been recommended for treatment of inflammatory diseases of a stomach. The same year the senior lecturer of faculty of hygiene A.P.Zorin establishes influence of greenery zones on microclimatic features of the resort of Sergeevka.
The period of 1957-1967 is characterised for the resort of Sergeevka by the scope of capital construction. In territory of KTS 45-th case - a two-storeyed building is erected in view of all sanitary-and-hygienic requirements, with an independent mud baths and a balneary for children, suffering a poliomyelitis. In territory of sanatorium of "Sanatatya" - boarding houses (3 one-storeyed cases on 120 places). Near to an old mud baths the balneary on 12 baths with physiotherapeutic branch, cabinets of functional diagnostics is under construction. About it a new mud baths on 18 couches. Capital boiler-house fencing. Around KTS (so called by the inhabitants of the resort "a Chinese wall "), multiroom apartment houses. In 1962 3 floor building of sanatorium of "Sanatatya" on 220 places with eating establishment is handed over in operation, dining halls and a cinema hall.
  Since 1964 this building becomes the main case of the sanatorium of "Sanatatya" with all-the-year-round functioning for adults with nonspecific chronic inflammatory diseases of the bone-impellent device, peripheral nervous system and gynecologic diseases.
  In 1964 in territory of KTS are commissioned admincase, the surgical branch on 150 places with the new operational block is equipped by last word of technics, where spent operations not only experts of sanatorium, but also coryphaeuses of a bone tuberculosis, traumatology and orthopedy, such as academician Bogdanov F.R., professor Levinets V.N., senior lecturer Ukraintsev V.N. from Kiev, senior lecturer Koshchun E.D. and professor Stamatin S.I. from Kishinev.
  Since October, 1948 from the moment of arrival on a resort of the first group of children with diseases of a bone-articulate tuberculosis, there was a question on teaching of those, who were at school age. They also became the first pupils of special school KTS. However, till 1951 this process was spent by tutors, while the number of pupils has not increased up to the necessary quantity for opening of educational classes. In 1952 headmaster of special schools KTS Bogachenko Vasily Maksimovich is appointed. During a management of special school KTS Sergeevka of Bogachenko V.M. (since 1952 by 1984) it from four-year-old has grown up to ten-year-old, given secondary education to hundreds children learning at it. Many graduates of this school have entered higher educational institutions. Became doctors, teachers, engineers. Being in sanatorium, they alongside with improvement received the high-grade secondary education given to them an opportunity to seize by any trades. In it a considerable role the head of school - Bogachenko V.M. has played, The talented person, the skilful head, highly educated the person, who was selflessly given out all talents to children, chained by an illness to bed.

  On May 16, 1967 the order of Council of Ministers of MSSR on the resort of Sergeevka creates Management of the resort at the Administrative office of Council of Ministers of MSSR with powers of the builder, the manager of territory of the resort and coordinating body in development of the resort. By the head of department of the resort of Sergeevka has been appointed Sherstyuk V.P. On the basis of this order and others, before the accepted documents on development of the resort the plan of building and development of the resort has been developed.
On May 25, 1967 sanatorium "Sanatatya" is translated on self-financing. Gratuitously belonging constructions, property, the equipment and territory with engineering communications and a part-time farm are passed him. From now on sanatorium of "Sanatatya" and a part-time farm pass in conducting Management of the resort of Sergeevka at the Administrative office of Council of Ministers of MSSR agrees the orders of SM of МSSR from 19.05.1967 " About the further development of the resort of Sergeevka and improvement of the organization of rest and treatment of workers of Moldavian SSR ".
Since July, 1967 on the basis of the governmental orders of Moldova and others before the accepted documents on development of the resort began its wide development. By December, 1971 at the expense of control of facilities affairs of Council of Ministers of MSSR, and also some ministries and departments of republic for development of health resorts the complex of inhabited and public buildings is constructed: shop, dining room, nurseries, restaurant, high school, a building of Management of the resort, apartment houses the common area of 3960 m. sq., sanatorium on 510 places Advice of trade unions, sanatorium on 250 places the Ministries of social providing, etc. Jobs on reconstruction, construction and an accomplishment of separate streets and roads, on expansion of a water-fence, clearing constructions and so forth are executed. Construction of a balneary on 30 baths in sanatorium of "Sanatatya" is started. Popularity of the resort has grown. From year to year the number of sick and having a rest who corrected their health at the resort of Sergeevka increases. So, if in 1935 at the resort has visited 8 thousand of sick and having a rest, 1970 - 19 thousand. In 1971 - 21 thousand person.     In this, 1972, has been handed over in operation foot-transport bridge through the estuary with the length more than 1 kms, which has connected continental coast with sea slanting and this most has considerably facilitated delivery having a rest to the sea on wonderful sandy beaches. Approximately during same time the first-born of trade-union health resorts of Moldova in Sergeevka sanatorium "Patria" started its functioning.
Thus, the resort of Sergeevka becomes the basic and unique seaside resort of Moldova possessing high efficiency of treatment by unique natural medical factors.
Taking into consideration escalating need for the resort, the government of Moldova plans since 1972 development and construction of objects on maintenance of the resort with fresh water, the project on construction of a water-fence Palanka-Sergeevka and a water-fence in area of village of Sofievka is created. For maintenance with qualified personnel of health resorts of the resort and other organizations construction inhabited houses extends. For maintenance with the electric power with prospect on building construction of a new electric main by capacity more than 8 thousand kw/hour per day begins. Capital investments are allocated for an accomplishment and gardening of the resort. The project of an accomplishment and the equipment of a beach on the sea shore is created.
Санаторий "Виктория" только сдан In March 1974 sanatorium of "Victoria" has been handed over in operation for participants of the Second World War, invalids and pensioners. For the first time at sanatorium should be treated persons whos functional features of an organism were considered contra-indicated for such kind of treatment earlier. Preparation of health service of such persons demanded non-standard approaches. With the purpose of knowledge of features of a pathology at elderly and old people the doctor by a medical part Bartosh P.I. has had training preparation at the institute of gerentology and geriatrics in Kiev. In view of the received knowledges, preparation of all medical crew was made. Thus the sanatorium in short terms has got experience of qualitative health services of persons of advanced age, suffering with a plural pathology.

  In 1975 the new balneary of sanatorium "Sanatatya" intented on 2000 procedures in day is handed over in operation at shift work with an arsenal of 9 versions of the medical baths available on resorts of the former USSR..   

  In connection with rare cases of disease by a bone tuberculosis among the population of Moldavia, in 1976 bone-tubercular sanatorium changed its profile in children's sanatorium "Sergeevka", for treatment of inflammatory diseases of bodies of breath. During work with 1973 by 1985 as a head-doctor of this bone-tubercular sanatorium was chosen Bartosh P.I., who for the first time in conditions of a resort (contrary to resistance of authorities) has legally fixed territory of sanatorium and has allocated with a fence. During the same time the first step in distribution of territory of a medical beach behind health resorts has been made. The medical aid station on sea beach, moorings for boats on both sides of the estuary has been constructed. The principle of concentration and specialization of medical and economic services that has led to the economy of material inputs with simultaneous improvement of quality of service is applied. (This experience has been generalized in article of the collection of the scientific - practical works of doctors of Sergeevka for 1976).

  In 1976 at the resort of Sergeevka has been treated 29376 persons (adults and children). In 1978 reconstruction of cases of children's sanatorium of "Sergeevka" is lead. In 1980 the basic objects of intercollective-farm sanatorium "Solotaya Niva" (2 sleeping cases on 250 places in each, medical case and a dining room on 500 landing places) are handed over in operation.
  Since 1981 the basic customer of construction is Association of sanatorium establishments of trade unions at the resort. The long-distance public telephone booth is constructed. During the warm period of a year air flights Kishinev - Sergeevka, and since 1958 were on a regular basis made. Odessa - Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy-Izmail. The resort has been connected by all-the-year-round daily bus routes to cities of Moldova: Kishinev, Tiraspol, Bandery, Orgeev, Soroki, Beltsy, Ribnitsa, Ungeni, Kagul

  In July 1984 by Bartosh P.I. has been handed over into operation and job of collective is organized sanatorium of Sergey Lazo on 500 places with dining hall, medical pool, etc.. At opening of sanatorium there was a daughter of the legendary hero of Civil war of Sergey Lazo - Ada Сергеевна.
  In 1984 the resort have been visited by 48543 person. The local population has made 6420 persons.
In December, 1984 the mud baths of sanatorium "Zolotaya Niva" on 25 couches with pneumovacuum installation for preparation and transportation of a medical dirty and a swimming pool is handed over in operation. In 1982 the same mud baths has been put into operation in sanatorium of "Sanatatya".
  After stabilization of job of a health resort, Bartosh P.I. has been pointed up as the head doctor of children's sanatorium "Sperantsa" again handed over in operation where also organized job of all services from zero. And already on May 22, 1987 children's sanatorium "Sperantsa" on 306 places with mud treating and medical pool was open.  In 1988 hotel "Plai" opens.
  In 1990 in the resort jobs on construction of a water-fence in area of the village of Sofievka, a new electric main, deep-water release of waters from clearing constructions, a building of government house, balnearies of sanatorium of "Sanatatya", new mud baths of sanatorium of "Sanatatya", the nine-floor case and club-dining room "Sanatatya" have been completed. Since 1990 in the resort 8125 persons among them 2433 children till 16 years make lives. Middle age of the inhabitant of the resort of Sergeevka of 29 years.
  On March 10, 1991 hotel "Orisont" on 466 places with a balneary is open.
  Since 1993 the number of sick and having a rest has sharply decreased. Health resorts pass to seasonal functioning.
  The life puts before the resort new tasks in conditions of full self-financing, but the true need for treatment of people by factors of the resort does not decrease. Economic opportunities have changed at the given stage. In search of resources in the created economic conditions the resort continues working.
All health resorts have branch of hardware physiotherapy, halls of physiotherapy exercises, athletic fields, clubs, libraries, game halls.
   At the resort is functioning yacht-club, created in 1988 by brothers Smetanka V.E. and Smetanka A.E., representing considerable interest for tourists and people, having their rest.
Except for the specified sanatoriums, in the resort there are hotels, boarding houses, bases of rest, nurseries improving camp where alongside with rest aerotherapy is successfully applied, heleotherapy and thalassotherapy - sea bathings.
  For years of the existence resort Sergeevka from a housing estate has turned to the powerful industry of tourism and improvement with the big stocks of unique natural medical factors.

   Year of birth of the resort - 1921

  Day of clearing from fascism aggressors - august 24,1944

resort Sergeevka - Hotel PLAI

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